Royal Caribbean Cruise Line - What is the Dress Code?

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Chuck those shorts and flip-flops; there's no way you can get into the dining rooms of the Royal Caribbean ships. The dress code is that strict and it applies to young children too. Don't worry though, there are casual nights on these ships and casual is jacket and ties for gentlemen and smart dresses for the ladies.

Time to Shine like a Celebrity

If you are on your first cruise, it is understandable that you'll have the wardrobe jitters and rightly so because cruise liners have protocols on the dress code. Plus there's the fact that wouldn't one to be the odd one in the group of revelers. But if you have been itching to get into a gorgeous dress and flaunt your blings, you now have the chance to show off every night during the seven-night Caribbean cruise on any of the Royal Caribbean ships.

During the cruise, you will experience three types of evenings while onboard. There are casual nights, smart casual nights, and the exciting formal to-do. So pack up those sport shirts and slacks for your partner and pants and sundresses for you. For those smart casual nights, be ready with an assortment of jacket and ties and dresses or pantsuits; for the big formal nights ready those suits and ties and tuxedo and your sparkling cocktail dresses, party shoes, and jewelry.

If you are taking the 10 to 13 nights cruise on one of the Royal Caribbean ships, load up on the formal togs; there will be three formal nights to show off your celebrity look. If you have booked for a 3 to 4 night cruise, you need to take along one formal dress so make sure it's your best dress.

Dress Code for Children

Children are not spared from the dress code. Wearing shorts, jeans, and flip-flops to those dinners is strictly banned unless there's a very good reason such as an injured foot or a mixed-up baggage which you wouldn't want to happen. Children should be dressed accordingly and appropriately as they would for those ritzy family dinners out.

The Royal Caribbean ships have posh joints for children where they can grab burgers, fries, veggies, and succulent meats for their dinner fare while you and your partner can go to the dining salon dressed-up to the hilt.

Apart from the dress code, have an assortment of casual day wear in your luggage. Shorts, swimsuits, T-shirts and jeans are great for fun activities on board during the day time. Those flip-flops can get out of the suitcase for deck activities so relax.

Dressing Up is Fun

These days people do not really dress up or don't the chance to dress up. The Royal Caribbean Ships give you this chance of a lifetime to dress like a celebrity, which is your fantasy. Who knows? If you're on a cruise to heal a broken heart, you might find someone dashing enough to win your heart. For couples, those dressy dinners are sure-fire formulas for an enchanting evening. So dress up and show them you can dress smart.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship: Mariner of the Seas

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Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas Cruise Ship is one of the largest cruise ships in the world at over 1,000 feet long. When taking vacations on this absolutely impressive cruise ship, there is truly something for everyone! All comforts imaginable, and a few you would never think of, are available on this magnificent cruise ship. Shop to your heart's content in the numerous on-board shops, play a round of golf, go rock climbing, or even go ice skating! This ship has everything you would find at any five-start resort hotel. All inclusive vacation packages are available on this whale of a ship for the full luxury deal!

Spacious Rooms

You would think that for a ship this big, the company would shove more and more people on it so they could make more money. Well, think again. This boat offers one of the highest space-per-guest ratios of any cruise line in the industry. Guests will have plenty of room to enjoy any activity that was offered in the all inclusive vacation packages they booked!

So much to do!

The Mariner of the Seas offers great all inclusive vacation packages that caters to all sorts or travelers, from active single guests, to multi-generational families. This majestic cruise ship offers a lot to do while on your vacations. You can play 9 holes of miniature golf, use the interactive golf simulator, visit the state-of-the-art fitness center, or take advantage of the full-service Mariner Day Spa. When you are ready for a swim, there are two large pools and six whirlpools located on the swim deck. There is also plenty of room up there to soak up some rays while sunbathing. And Royal Caribbean is the only company in the world to offer rock climbing aboard their cruise ship.

When the sun sets, the fun is just beginning. There are 16 themed lounges with various entertainment options. You can view a Broadway-style production or enjoy some gambling in the Casino Royale.

About the Cruises

The Mariner of the Seas Cruise ship will be visiting the Caribbean, Mexico, and Mazatlan areas, among others. There are all inclusive vacation packages available, but spots are filling fast.

Allure of the Seas is the sister ship to the Mariner of the Seas. Allure of the Seas also has plenty of room aboard and fun things like simulated surfing waves called the "Flowrider." Both ships are fantastic for vacations cruising on the high seas!

Royal Caribbean Ships - A Travel Guide

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Cruises are a favorite of those who like to enjoy to the fullest and have a relaxing vacation. A smooth and peaceful sailing ship on a beautiful ocean evokes the feeling of freshness and excitement. There are various cruise lines but the Royal Caribbean Ships are the best and most popular having the wow factor. All over the world there are around more than 150 destinations of Royal Caribbean ships. You get the feeling of royal like a king or queen.

There are many things people aren't aware of so it is necessary to visit the website before you finalize on taking the Royal Caribbean ships. Also you could take suggestions online or from your friends and relatives about it and their experience. This will provide you with lot of information and help you make bigger and better decisions. Depending upon the people's lifestyle some of them find this cruise a little expensive but one could save money by choosing the smaller cabins as the experience of the ship itself will be priceless. The large cabins are expensive and the smaller ones are comparatively cheaper. Thus the money you save could be used for other facilities present in the ship.

The first thing you need to pen down is where you have to go and which one to depart from as this ship sails to hundreds of various ports. There are also different classes of the Royal Caribbean cruise line.

The advance online booking saves you from the trouble of stress and rushing. The best is to travel on the off season which gives you the chance of enjoying to the fullest having a rush and noise free journey giving you more comfort as there will be less people on ship. On the internet you find a lot a good deals and packages which suit your budget and also give you the chance to admire and enjoy your entire journey.