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the caribbean beaches

For some sick twisted individuals, the current weather condition is considered favorable: Sadomasochists, Social Deviates, Junkies, incestuous creatures with superfluous body parts, guys named Travis and Shane, Serial Killers and other psycho's who say out loud, 'I love the rain!' As I roll out of bed, I looked out the window and thought, 'Damn...Why did I think I could tolerate living with this weather?' Not even in the deep throws of winter and I curiously eyeball the serrated steak knife and my left wrist with a twisted smirk. Drizzly gloom and depressing darkness of winter is setting in! The temperatures are dropping into the 40's. What is there to look forward too? Going to work in this soggy shit and drivring home in the endless mire of coldness? No wonder the Northwest has the highest suicide rate in the nation. Not horrible in regard to temperature or snow, but just endless dreariness. Count Dracula should live on Pill Hill and fly down over the Zillion-dollar tram to nowhere!

Enough of that! Time to close your eyes..... and dream of locals you'd rather be. I like to shut my eyes and allow my brain to wander back to places I've traveled.......places I'd rather be.....

Back to California?

California Beaches? Hmmmm?

vs. NW beaches!! Yikes!

AWAY! AWAY! AWAY from...
Local Weather!

Bicycles that are supposed to share the road but the local Government gives them more rights! These are like giant Bulls eye targets to me! Bowling anymore? Round em up and I'll knock em down!

....Useless Hipsters

...Kitschy Decor left over from generations gone by and that should have been bulldozed decades ago...

....Local White Trash... Never thought I would find White people that could be that stupid.....

NO NO NO!! Away! Far Far Far away!


Clear Blue Waters of the Caribbean!

Quaint old Cities like Salzberg!

Rainbow Bridge!

Lake Tahoe in the summer!

Visiting the beauty of an old Subway station in New York?


Visiting the Oracle of Homers Odyssey in Delphi Greece.


Lost on a Caribbean island

Capri Italy

Th Parthenon in Athens Greece...
yes it's on top of the Acropolis.... one that doesn't feature cheap steaks and scruffy naked women....
oh.oh oh... the pain....

Marienplatz in Old Munich

Pyramids of Giza at Dusk

Florida Keys

View from a hotel room at Las Brisas in Ixtapa Mexico

Paris at Night


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